Solar Energy Solutions are great for the following obvious reasons.

Renewable Energy

Solar geysers and photovoltaic panels harness a unlimited free source of energy in the form of sunlight, which is infinitely more sustainable than the traditional fossil fuel based energy with its limited supply.


Solar energy avoids the harmful CO2 emissions produced by traditional fossil fuel based energy production, by using the energy of the sun.

To put it into perspective a 200L solar geyser system will help to avoid the release into the atmosphere of approximately 5.5 tons of CO2 (greenhouse gas) per year, which is the carbon emissions equivalent of taking one small car off the road.


ESKOM is raising electricity prices every year by huge margins, far in excess of inflation, in order to fund the expansion in desperately needed electricity producing capacity.

By investing in Solar Energy you could save up to 100% of your monthly electricity bill and avoid the huge costs of rapidly escalating electricity prices.


  • Solar energy is free beyond the initial cost of the solar system.
  • An accurately designed photovoltaic system can pay for itself in savings within 6 years.
  • Solar panels are guaranteed for 25 years and can last for up to 40 years, giving you decades of free clean energy.
  • An efficient solar geyser system can pay for itself in savings within as little as 16 months.

South Africa’s Energy Crisis

All South Africans remember the rolling blackouts and “load shedding” of 2007, 2008 and the disastrous effect it had on the country’s economy not to mention the disrupting effect on people’s lives.

ESKOM is still desperately struggling to meet the country’s electricity demands today.

By investing in Solar you are lightening the demand on the national grid and helping to avoid load shedding and blackouts in the future.
ESKOM even encourages you to invest in a solar geyser system through their generous ESKOM rebate program in terms of which ESKOM subsidizes a portion of the purchase price.