Welcome to Progrow Solar

We focus on the implementation of energy efficiency solutions for residential, commercial and industrial properties.

Our products and services include the following:

• LED and Energy Efficient Lighting
• Solar Thermal (Solar Water Heating) solutions
• Solar Photovoltaic (Solar Electricity) projects
• Electricity Backup solutions

Our clients include various homeowners, factories, hotels, dental and medical practices, pharmacies, asset managers and petrol stations.

Our process consist of the monitoring and determination of the client’s energy demand profile, followed by the development and implementation of an energy efficiency strategy.

Our strategies focus on reducing electricity costs and developing energy independence from the national electricity grid.

Our business is based in Stellenbosch in the Western Cape, with a satellite branch located in Randburg, Gauteng.

Energy Efficient Lighting

LED - Light Emitting Diode - CFL - Compact Fluorescent Lamps 

LED Progrow Solar Cape Town New (1 of 1)

  • Extremely Energy Efficient
  • Very Long Lamp Lifetime
  • Huge Lighting Cost Savings
  • Great Investment
  • Ecologically Friendly

It has been estimated that electricity for lighting consumes almost 20% of the output of the world’s power stations.

The use of energy efficient lighting is one of the best and most cost effective ways of reducing our national energy consumption.

Most households and businesses could quite easily reduce the amount of energy they use for lighting by up to 80% by making smarter lighting choices and moving to more efficient technologies.

Efficient lighting options, such as compact fluorescent lamps (CFL’s) or light emitting diodes (LED’s) are available to use, rather than the inefficient, traditional lighting such as the Incandescent or Halogen lights.

Besides the massive reduction in energy consumption, good quality energy efficient lighting has a significantly longer lamp lifetime than inefficient lighting.

The lamp life hours for incandescent lights are 1,000 hours and 2,000 hours for halogen lights. In comparison, a good quality CFL light has a lamp life of 6,000 hours and a LED light  up to 30,000 hours!

Solar Power

Solar Panels - Photovolataics - Solar Electricity

  • Reduce your Electricity Bill
  • Great for the environment
  • Independence from Eskom
  • Long System Lifetime
  • Requires Minimum Maintenance

We offer state of the art Solar Power - Solar Electricity - solutions.

Solar power is the conversion of sunlight directly into electricity, using the well proven method called photovoltaics - or PV.

A photovoltaic - or PV - system employs solar panels in order to supply usable solar power. This solar electricity can then be used either immediately or stored in a back-up electricity source, such as batteries.

Solar PV is a clean, sustainable technology using the earth's most plentiful and widely distributed renewable energy source - the Sun!

Photovoltaics are used to power small to medium sized applications. It can power items such calculators, powered by a single solar cell, to homes, light commercial, light industrial and agricultural properties using a solar PV system.

It is pollution free during use and can produce solar power for up to 100 years.

In addition it requires very little maintenance after the initial set-up, which makes this technology a very attractive investment!

Solar Water Heating

Thermosyphon - Evacuated Tubes - Solar Geysers

  • Saves you Money
  • Good for the Environment
  • Great Investment
  • Benefit from the Eskom Rebate
  • Reduce dependence on Eskom

We offer state of the art Solar Water Heating  - solutions.

Solar Water Heating or Solar Geyser systems is a renewable energy technology that has been well established for many years.

Solar Water Heating systems work on the principle of using the energy from the sun to heat water. These systems heat  water either directly or indirectly via solar water collectors.

Direct Solar Geysers heat the potable water directly via flat-plate solar collectors or evacuated tube collectors.

Indirect Solar Geysers heat the potable water indirectly by using a heat exchanger with a heat-transfer fluid. In indirect systems, the heat transfer fluid is heated by the solar collectors.

The efficiency and electricity savings potential of this technology has been recognized years ago by the South African Government. This lead to the implementation of the Solar Water Heating Rebate Program in 2009. This program actively encourages and promotes the widespread installation of Solar Geysers, as well as replacement of conventional electric geysers with Solar Water Heating Systems.

Electricity Backup Solutions

Inverter and Batteries - Standby Generators

Back-up Electricity Cape Town Progrow

  • Independence from Eskom
  • Insulated against Power Failures
  • Expertly Designed Systems
  • State of the art Technology
  • Extensive Installation Experience

Progrow Solar expertly design, specify and install state of the art Electricity Backup solutions.

Load-shedding and power failures have unfortunately become a reality in recent times.

Electricity back-up systems, is a viable option for businesses, as well as home-owners, in order to insulate them against the reality and negative effects of load-shedding.

At Progrow we supply two types of electricity back-up solutions, namely Inverter and Batteries or Generator solutions.

Our standardized systems are all solar ready and easy to integrate with a Solar PV system.

Our generator back-up solutions are specifically aimed at, and suited for commercial and light industrial applications. These systems typically range from 24KVA to 150kVA in size.

In order to ensure our systems are 100% correctly sized, Progrow Solar uses state of the art electricity usage data logging equipment.

  • Solar Energy, Solar Electricity dental and medical Cape Town
    Complete Solar Energy Solution installed for a dental practice in Cape Town, Western Cape


Progrow has a wealth of experience in green industries. We have been directly involved in solar energy technologies, industrial bio-diesel production, green construction initiatives, compost and organic growing medium production, permaculture as well as  sustainable feeding scheme initiatives.  

Progrow is also supported by a highly experienced Board of Directors. Combined the the Board of Directors has more than 60 years experience on serving of the boards of highly successful companies - both private as well as listed companies. This ensures that all transactions are concluded according to best practice standards.

Social Responsibility

A portion of all Progrow Solar's profits are donated to the Tygerberg Children’s Hospital Trust in Cape Town.